C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s!!!


    Get in touch with your Creative Core
and begin to Free the Constraints from within and outside you –
This is why the Studio has NO WALLS
and you will Get To bounce with new ideas, toys and tools!

You Deserve to put Spirit back into your Life!

Tapping into the & Nudgers, who you will be introduced to, will put whimsy, and downright, fun and enjoyment back into your soul.

We will use the method of incremental,

small steps to create new habits —

to rediscover the You that you Yearn for!

The more you are in touch with your Core Values, and Virtues, the better you will feel, and Creating will be a part of your daily life!

EEEK!  This sounds like a Hallmark™ card

but doesn’t it Hit Home,

where your are?

I invite you to give yourself permission

to , to play IN the Studio
to discover Your Voice… Your !

If you are feeling overwhelmed, blocked, or otherwise Not On - I can help you to get your mojo back!  Inside the Studio, you will find articles, exercises and more, to feed your head and tickle that creativitiy to come out and play.  I am also available for one-on-one Creative Focus Coaching if you’d like private attention to your needs, just send me your request.

The first step has already been taken… You found the Studio and Me!



I am a Kaizen-Muse trained Coach.  
I am here to help coach creative people to tackle and overcome those obstacles which are serving against their creative processes.
I have also been known to be a -sorta-person,
except you don’t ask questions, I intuitively hold a community barometer to sense what’s going on. 
I had a running thread from a group I was a member of, called “Dee’s Daily’s“, where I posted my own writings, as well as, excerpts from articles to be read along with visuals (I was pretty good at it!)  You can look forward to the continuation of ”Dee” things… like my “Good Dee’d” cards and other assorted Dee-liciousness and Dee-lectibles.


* I am also a writer and know how you feel when you just can’t seem to get all of those words inside you, Out!  I have felt that nasty phrase, “Writer’s Block” more than once… as I’ve also been known to Procrastinate every now and then to seeing my project to it’s eventual completion… so, I know how well taking small steps works to build self-confidence, better self-esteem, and Good Habits!