a virtue: H a p p i n e s s

Are happy people born that way?

For millions of people, happiness is rather elusive.
They’ve tried to buy happiness.
They’ve tried to force it.
They’ve sought it through pleasurable activities.

But nothing has seemed to work for them.

Researchers now believe that our brains are hard-wired in ways that,
at least to some degree, determine just how happy we’re going to be.
In short, it’s in the genes.

At the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin,
scientists have used advanced imaging technology to pinpoint the area of the brain
— specifically, the left prefrontal cortex —
that serves as the center for positive, optimistic, and happy feelings.
When people naturally have higher than normal activity in this brain region, they are more likely to feel positive moods,

and they’ll tend to start each day ready to take on the world.
As powerful as these genetic predispositions may be, happiness is still partly within your control, says David Myers, PhD, the John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology at Hope College in Holland, Mich.

“It’s rather like our cholesterol level — genetically influenced, yet also influenced by our habits and attitudes.”

To help bring more happiness into your own life, here are some strategies to try:

  1. Nurture your relationships.
Maintaining healthy love relationships and friendships can be a challenge.
But those challenges, and the emotional development that inevitably come with them, can promote happiness.

2. Join the “movement” movement.
Studies show that aerobic exercise is an antidote for mild depression and anxiety.
               “Happy minds reside in sound bodies,” says Myers.

3. Act happy.
A recent study at Wake Forest University showed that when people simply acted extroverted, they felt happier than when they acted introverted.
Even introverts, said the researchers, can act extroverted and feel happier.

4. Nurture your spiritual side.
Faith not only provides valuable support, but it’s a way to focus on something other than yourself.
“Study after study finds that actively religious people are happier, and that they cope better with crises,” says Myers.


According to Ken Sheldon, PhD,
associate professor in the department of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia,
all of us are born with a particular “set range” for happiness, which can be fine-tuned by various life circumstances.

Your goal, he explains, should be to reach and remain in the upper end of the happiness range that is part of your genetic blueprint.

“All of life is a process of becoming,”
says Myers, author of Pursuit of Happiness and Intuition: Its Powers and Perils,
“From womb to tomb, we’re developing. So we can, at any time, reshape our future.”

Happy individuals have certain personal traits that set them apart from people with clouds hovering over their heads.

Sheldon’s research has shown that happiness is associated with characteristics like autonomy, competence, close relationships, and high self-esteem.


Not Happy With Your Job? Follow your Passion and Find that you are Awesome!

It has been well over fifteen years since I have worked, full time.

In my case, this is due to health reasons, which I will not go into

- this isn’t my point today.

When I turn on the television, or look at the headlines of my local newspaper,
it is obvious that more and more people have been

strewn to the curb without employment.
I began wondering what I could do… or better still,
what can be said to help those who are at their breaking point?

Assuming that nothing has changed in the world, except for the fact that you may be out of a job
- and assuming that there were jobs to be had -
one would begin to take stock of what they, themselves, can offer.

Three words come to mind:

Find Your Passion.

When you go to work, it is more than just appearing at a place and doing your time.
In the past, you have genuinely found that working is exciting.
You wanted to Go and Do What You Do Best!

What was it that gave you such passion in your being?
What elements were present for you to feel such a connection with what you were doing?

These are but two questions you should be asking yourself while looking for employment again.
Actually FEEL that rush, the excitement…
Feel Like You Can Get The Job Done, Without A Doubt!

If you begin to feel what it was that gave you such pleasure in the work you had been doing,
you can certainly feel that rush again ~ you already know HOW you made strides in the past
and it’s possible that those same components will be there for you to build upon in a new job.

Take a few minutes to write down your accomplishements.
Focus on the Feelings you had then and still feel now when you recall what you have done.

IN THIS FRAME OF MIND, look through the unemployment section of the newspaper…
make a cold call to one of your contacts…
update your resume!

This Charged Feeling is your best tool to Charge you for an Interview!
Use it and WOW perspective employers.
Not only is your esteem built up, your Ego is
- and for very good reason, you know you are Capable and Darned Good At It!