I’m On A Mission!

I am on a Mission.

For Me and For you.

I am collecting children’s magazines

about all sorts of things,

In return, I will bring what I’ve learned about to you,

Fresh exercises for you to Play with and Bring Out

the Inner Child Within YOU!

Why would you want to do this?

‘Cause the’s where you will find Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F –

the True You, the Why I’m better than good enough! You!

From our formative years up through all our days, we have situations passed onto us, for us to respond to in a certain behavior, expecting a certain action.  As we age, our behaviors become repetitious, habitual, routine and STALE.  Our actions also become ‘the same ole, same ole, – STALE, and we find they no longer serve us well.

We can take a few lessons from that “innocent, naïve and wondrous child” inside us all.  We can retrain our brains NOT to go to that old default setting in ourselves.  When we do this, we get to understand and FEEL that state of Awe and innocence to aid in our own causes to handle life and to benefit our own good – And I’m going to be your Mentor to guide you to find out HOW!

A Great first step is to Collect your Accolades!  Yep, I want you to go through your files online and off, copy the images from those educational sources, then paste them onto a page (or virtual one).  Make it look official, add those fancy flourishes… this will only add to your Pride and Acceotance and Worthiness!  So, go ahead and present your accomplishments to the world!  You Deserve It!

Here are a few of mine: